English Language Brief

RolliPolli offers quality extracurricular classes for children aged 1-12 years in an old Buda villa (address: Budapest - 1126, Orbánhegyi út 5.).


For our youngest, we offer baby gym classes with lots of music and an introduction to the environment and equipment (GYMNOVA). As children get older, they are able to discover more and more in the ways of gymnastics under the expert guidance of our teachers. Parents are included in the class activity until the age of 3, and attempt to leave the classroom and allow children to develop their independence there on. Even if you go out of the sight of your children, they will remain in your sight, as we project real-time video picture onto a TV set, conveniently located in our comfortable waiting area. 

Please note that all classes are suitable for non-Hungarian speakers. Our teachers are all comfortable in English. 

Do remember that RolliPolli is an excellent birthday venue!

If you have any queries, please contact us. Although you will be hard pushed to understand the text, it may still be worth browsing the pages here for first impressions.

For all prices, please refer to our price list. Please note that you can always book a free introductory class. Please arrange via rollipolliteam@gmail.com. You can find our current timetable here.

Many thanks for your interest, and hope to see you soon.

Kivinen Beáta
RolliPolli Gyermek Testnevelési Kft.

Owner and Operations Developer
06 30 231 5101

Budapest - 1126, Orbánhegyi út 5.

e-mail: rollipolliteam@gmail.com
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